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    LILY Room

    The little bird Lilly loves freedom and song. He flits chattering from branch to branch and also likes to listen to your songs. After a day full of experiences, he flies home and relaxes for a while. Cuddly and magic beautiful Lilly has prepared her nest.
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    Leopard Room

    Silent but courageous, strolling through the jungle, behind each and every tree is an adventure! Children never want to leave a parent’s side, but sometimes experiencing new exciting things with a trusty friend to join you gives the world a wonderful sense of adventure and removes fear. To sleep knowing love and protection is watching gives sweet dreams especially with a friend by your side! With our lovely leopard your children can feel safe and brave through fears and with our leopard this is one of many ways to make a child feel safe, comfortable and loved.
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    Traffic Room

    Active streets of today with a wonderfully coloured collection of big trucks and tractors. Fast little vans driving by and even speedy little bicycles rush around on the streets. Our little car is tired after its day out with adventure full of excitement and is now sleepy from the long travels. After a day with the views of changing traffic lights, crossing guards and the black and white crosswalks there is a lot to take in for our little car. Broom broom and speed your way to dreamland our little racer.

Belily World Train

Belily World LILY  

Belily World TRAFFIC


The Junior Butterfly Bed Set from BELILY The butterfly is light like a feather and is a wonderful sight to behold. 


  As on the soft wings of a butterfly, our play blanket invites your child to cuddle into it or play and imagine flying away on this magic carpet. 


Warmth and security allows your child to sleep well and feel protected. Sleeping relaxes our little ones.

Belily World LEOPARD

Belily World CIRCUS